Friends often gather in outdoor settings, such as the park, outdoor concerts, tailgates, and the campfire, to socialize and enjoy each other's company. Many times, this includes bringing your camping chair and other easily portable items to be able to sit and enjoy some hors d'ouevres and drinks together. If that includes a bottle of wine, the best way to enjoy that is to use a wine glass. But you may not have a steady flat surface where you can set that glass. Or if you brought a portable table, setting the glass on the table could easily result in a spilled drink if someone bumps the table.
This is where the Vinaporte(tm) comes to the rescue. You have a place to securely place your glass. No need to keep hanging on to the glass. No worries about someone tipping the glass over. Get the Vinaporte(tm) for yourself; get the Vinaporte(tm) for your friends. Then relax and savor the moment!

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